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The Exploration Of Sicilia

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Master Eric X has Sicilia just where he wants her, spread eagle and bound to a wooden crate. Sicilia must endure having her labia pinched and pulled and having hot wax dripped unto her perfect breasts until she has a thick layer of candle wax on her skin and that was just her warm-up for the brutal fisting.

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  • BDSM Fisting Video
  • BDSM Fisting Video
  • BDSM Fisting Video

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Golden Nectar Of The Goddess
Golden Nectar Of The Goddess

To see Goddess Starla and her submissive friend Chelsea Chainsaw play together is a rare treat. Chelsea is submissive by nature but lacks any sort of proper training and so Goddess Starla has agreed to take her on and give her a proper slave training for a weekend. Goddess Starla doesn’t hold back anything; flogging and spanking her poor slave’s ass until it is a crimson red. Lucky for us and perhaps too bad for the foul mouthed Chelsea, her lack of manners and obedience cause Starla to be so angry that she gives us all a visual treat.

Irony's Lament
Irony's Lament

We’re not sure how this happened but the man in black was back in our studios and somehow, not only got his hands on Mistress Irony but managed to have her bound and suspended and half naked. You can see the anger rising in Irony as she is brought down to the level of so many of her slaves. Although the man in black has taken one of our favorite Mistress’s and humiliated her, this movie is definitely worth watching if not just to see Irony get a real taste of her own medicine!

Goddess Starla Breaks Sicilia
Goddess Starla Breaks Sicilia

Hot and sexy blonde bombshell Sicilia Ricci needs a refresher course in obedience. Fortunately Goddess Starla was available for this very task. With her knack for verbal taunting and physical manipulation, Goddess Starla immediately commences Sicilia’s re-training. floggers, whips, nipple clamps, hot wax, spanking, paddling and pussy play with some controlled orgasm are just some of the things our Goddess has in store for Sicilia.

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