beat me into oblivion 
by *jewyl* 

gracing inside... 
fucked on the highway 
and like a fine tequila 
and nights spent 
alone with limes 
without glasses or naked asses... 
without your cock and without my clit 
i can taste you 
in my sleep 

the vision 
is standing 
behind every dream...every morning and in between stillness violent love 
no turning back now 
are you dishonest 
with life? 

the dream 
is a montage 
grown from 

silent moans and screams from within... 
you touch me again...losing my breath now 

and darkness 
strides in 
without a whisper 
creating anew a 
virtuous devil earth 

dance on shards of glass... 
eat mexican flowers 
while i open my blouse 
to the star sky 
lighting your body 
with true me 
to you... 
to us... 
lighting my eyes 
with your knowledge 

with wings on 
soar towards the morning sun and never ever leave me... 
fuck me through days and nights and years of togetherness... 
eat my honeypot, fuck it dry 
taste to drink 
drink to live 
suck me, fuck me, come all over me... 
sting my eyes with sweat 
beat me into oblivion 
leave red marks and slashing traces on my flesh 
don't leave me in this lifetime... 


desperation sets in and it is fear that holds my hand 
fear of losing... 
fear of winning... 
fear of an absolution i might never find... 

torture my skin and my flesh and my mind and my soul... 
leave me to dry up and blow away if not drenched in your thoughts... 
in your heat, in your heart, in your head.,. 
you empower my being, my abundance... 

fucked in the ass...pain running from me in wet droplets 
pain that i cling to...can't get enough of riding with a beast in my back pocket 
and i came so hard hearing 
you belt out the words to Star Spangled Banner 
as you rocked my ass... 

as you gave me 
as you gave it to me 
as you give me more and less and some and few and hot and cold 

and i am just in awe of your strength. 

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