a poem by ~ghostpoet~

Look into my eyes... 

...for within their ice lies frozen 
a mystery... 

that the hands 
that feed my hunger to submit 
also cradle my soul 
like a newborn... 

that the raw taste 
of Your hunger for my final surrender 
starves my will of any temptation 
to resist Your lyrical whims and fancies 
as You play me... 

my flesh, 
exposed and taut 
like a canvas stretched 'neath the expert hands 
of an Artist 
who paints my soul with strokes of leather 
and rejoices in its betrayal of my will 
like a Lazarus... 

You have bound me in chains, 
restrained me with rope, 
blinded me with silk 
and silenced my cries with trust. 

Look thru my eyes... 

for afloat in their pools 
reflects the desire to bathe in Your faith 
and wash away my doubt. 

i need You...

to make my flesh burn
and eyes cinder 
and reduce my will to ashes, 
so that i might be born again like a phoenix... 

...and be cradled in Your hands 
once again

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