I Sleep in Chains
by ~violet sky~
i sleep in chains., she said 
Nectar on my lips, in thought of You 
Honey of my loins~offering everything 
Turning slowly in nocturnal clasp 
Every clink and chime, sweet melody 
Ethereal and removed, stirring dream song 

i lay in chains., she said 
Silver, internal, from heart to soul 
Pearl in shell, petal pink to breasts so pale 
Electric blue, intense in depth of slavery 
Lockless, helpless, boundless rapture 
Bound to every word, gesture from Your hand 

i fall in chains., she said 
Passions in wild horse drag, pulling me off 
Peering over the mist filled cliff of giving in 
Feeling You kiss the tears of fear and pain 
Your fingers shifting the Earth underfoot 
Going down hard in a leather embrace 

i dream in chains., she said 
And waltz in hempen, air gowns 
Gossamer and velvet, silk soft commands 
A touch so light, a whisper, oh weep, oh beg for more 
Running in colors in the halls of my heart 
Only to surrender, forever, kissing Your feet...

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