Born in Osawa, Japan in 1974, as a teenager, I moved with my family to New York City. Since then, I have worked as a fashion model and finished my degree in photojournalism at Columbia University. I currently supply photography and editorial features to several American newspapers and magazines, mostly geared towards Generation X and Urban Culture.

Personally, I am into the kinker side of sexuality - S&M, Japanese Rope Bondage and submissive sex slave role playing all ring my bell!  Straight sex can be ok, but a little bondage thrown in adds the spice that I like.....:> 

I am currently a staff photgrapher and model for Wasteland BDSM and Fetish magazine on the internet. You can see more of my work there as well -  I Hope you enjoy my site - feel free to send me some e-mail if you'd like to comment or suggest new features!

Fond Regards, 
AKiko Hamada

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